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NJBC! Finally! I was waiting for that!


A Dair endgame would be just weird.
I’m not sure if I do want a Chair endgame either. Chair has been destroyed. As well as Derena.
LOL @ Dan was the only one who accepted Blair the way she is. Hell yes, dumbest saying ever. If Chair will be rebuilt, I would be the happiest person ever. But if not, I want Chuck ending up alone or with Ivy maybe. Haha.
Serena and Nate should get together, she deserves so much better than being knocked down by Dan (and her "BFF".) And honestly, is there anything better on the UES than Nate Archibald? Chuck dying? If Chuck would ever die, it would be in the SERIES finale.


To celebrate their official coming out as a couple, Blair and Dan host a glamorous British-themed Salon (....) umm, okay, i think that's extremly overdone. Celebrating a relationship is so not Dan.
I don't even thought about Chair, so do not start attacking me about Chair/Dair. I just think that becoming a couple is nothing people have to celebrate. especially Dan Humprhey.

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OC: Summer&Seth, Taylor&Ryan, Julie&Frank, Kirsten&SandyEverwood: (did anyone watch that show?) Ephram & MadisonTwilight: I've always shipped Edward&Bella, Jacob is my favorite but i hated Bella for treating him like this.OTH: I have always shipped Naley from the very first episode on. I also ship Brooke and Julian! I've never been a fan of Brucas honestly. Maybe because I don't really like Lucas.Harry Potter: I never shipped anyone on HP, honestly. But I was happy for Ron&Hermione in the end, as well as for Ginny and Harry.Charmed: Phoebe&Cole ! haha, i just watched an old episode yesterday and I was like "where's cole?" the whole time. I really loved him.Gilmore Girls: Lorelai/Luke and Rory/JessI think that's it.Oh and yes, I shipped Charlie/Rose on Two And A Half Men! srsly.

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So little time, so much yet to do!


I want Jack Bass coming back (I heard we will see that in some weeks already) – but before GG ends, I want Chuck to kick Jack’s ass.


Blair getting a job would be great. Or going to college. Whatever. Serena becoming an actress or something else in Hollywood. Blair choosing Serena over Dan. Chuck and Blair scheming one last time.


But the most important thing: A REAL SL FOR NATIE. After Derena is ruined for me, Serenate should be started right NOW. So that they can get together until the end of the series. But I want him to be successful and have a great romance/relationship.


Any engagement. I want S6 to end with a wedding. I know that’s crazy but.. I WAAAAAANT!


Aside from the storylines for the characters, I would like to see a time jump in the last episode ever, 5 years in the future or something. I’d also like an AU-episode. What if Chuck didn’t exist or something. (Like it happened in the OC with Ryan or in OTH with Lucas). I want to see a wedding and a holiday ep. Christmas or thanksgiving AGAIN, please. And maybe we could see someone else’s birthday than Blairs/Nates.


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Double Shippers

i've always shipped Chair. So i didn't ship Nair, Dair or whatever ;)Serena: I shipped Derena, Serenate and Scarter.Dan: Derena, Danessa I also did like Nate with Jenny but just for .. umm 4 episodes or something. haha.

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