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Psych Review: From Dual Spires... with Love!

@Piecepar: I don´t really get your point. Not everything has to be seen rational, there might be space for imagination. Most of these people do know what they are talking about. Keep your frustation to yourself and don´t blame other people for it.
Psych is a very creative series. It presents hard police work and adds it with a big humorous portion of action and surreality.

Desperate Housewives Review: "I'm Still Here"

@ mera: I don´t really get your point about hating Bree. I mean, she has this younger boyfriend who wants to have kids, but she can´t give him kids anymore. She is just afraid of losing him. I agree in one point with you. Bree wasn´t thinking at all. She just was scared that everything she has build up with Keeth would fall apart. Don´t forget about the fact that she saw her mistake, right after she saw Keeth plaing with his little son, and told him about his son. In a nutshell: there is no reason for hating Bree. She did the right thing in the end. In my opinion was everything Bree did, absolutely plausible and understandable.