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The Good Wife Review: Red Cups Runneth Over

I liked the focus on Cary and Matan. I've always liked Carey (really wanted him to hook up with Kalinda.) I think a good show has many stories and not just teh one, Alica and Will. Correct observation about Carey and 'ethnic' women. (Just good taste?) I was a nervous for Alicia though when her children start questioning what she did when they were away. I think she was too. And also when Will and Zack met and he hesitated about their meeting, only to say he really wanted a car. I could see the relief in her face.

Castle Review: A Kiss for Kaye

Is that Worf of Star Trek fame in the role of Beckett's psychiatrist?

Pan Am Review: Flirting with Disaster

Is this show being cancelled? I'm starting to like it, even the espionage theme that I didn't like at first. (Thought it would be more about the women, the sexism of the time, women's lib, etc.)

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