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Glee Review: Hopelessly Devoted to Glee

I loved the episode. The problem I've had with the season so far is the constant jump from New York to McKinley to New York, etc. I'm really glad that they did an episode where we had McKinley by itself especially since the "Break-Up" was mostly in New York.
I really dislike Unique and I think I will continue to do so. I don't know if it's because I watched the Glee Project or just that it feels forced to me (probably both), but I really don't like the Unique angle and the screen time that he/she is getting. Also, I really hope that Sugar gets back into the show. Her and Rory (want him to come back so bad) together was one of my favorite storylines last year. Glad Ryder finally made it onto the show. He was a bit jumpy during the songs, but I think he'll be a great character going forward.
I like most of the "New Glee" guys and gals, but some of them just don't click for me. Kitty is the Quinn I was hoping for from the first episode of the series. She's a bitch, she's a bully, and she wants what she wants. Quinn was a great character in the long run, but she was too nice in the beginning. I really like Marley. She seems to be a nice girl that a lot of people will relate with. My biggest problem with her is that she doesn't get enough chances to showcase her voice. With all the songs Rachel was/is given, I think giving Marley a solo song or a good part by herself isn't too much to ask for. Ryder is new, but I really like his character. Seems a nice blend of Finn and Sam. Hopefully he has more depth as a character though. Lastly, Jake: I just don't get his character. It's obvious they want him to be Puck Jr. and run this show. The problem with that though is that they aren't writing him that way. So far he's Danny from Grease: he's built up to be a big, bad tough guy but he's really just a softy on the inside. At least Danny had the tough guy swag, but Jake doesn't even have that going for him. I don't know, hopefully he gets in a fight with Ryder and gets some bad guy status.
Okay, last thing and then I'm done: if they are so invested in Rachel and Kurt, why don't they get a new show? I love the old gang and always will, but I don't like how little time we get with the new kids while Rachel and Kurt deal with their own problems. Get a "GLEE: After High School" show that follows the cast from before. We can see how Quinn is doing at college, if Mercedes is becoming a superstar, and Santana being sassy as always. It'll let McKinley be the main point on the parent show while also letting the Rachel and Kurt lovers their own show to adore. I thought that was what they were going to do with Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes, Santana and Finn all possibly being in/near the New York area, but that, I guess, was never even talked about. Oh well, hopefully the writers can get the right amount of New York and Glee club screen time. Great episode and let them keep on coming!
P.S. Finn better not start calling Mr. Schuester, Will. That will just kill the show for me. Not really, but once Mr. Schuester, always Mr. Schuester.

Teen Wolf Review: Master Disaster

...Lastly, if it turns out that the Alpha's are coming to fight I see the Pack shaping up nicely. They're definitely going to need some help, but it depends on how strong the Alpha's are: if they're all Peter strong then the Pack is going to need major help, if they're all Derek strong then the Pack is better off. I mean Peter is the strongest being we've seen in the show (the Kanima doesn't count to me because Jackson didn't control himself) so if he gets up to even 75% of the strength he's a force. Derek and Scott are both heavyweights and should be good to go. Isaac is the fourth strongest and with help should become as strong as Scott at the end of Season 1. Jackson is the dark horse here. He could get into the tier with Derek and Scott, but until we see what he can do while being a Wolf the jury is still out.

Teen Wolf Review: Master Disaster

I thought the Finale was great overall. There was some iffy writing and pacing issues, but the final product was a very nice episode. Hopefully the writers keep with the curve and make the next season even better than the one that just passed. Woo! Now to move on:
Stiles just keeps getting screwed over. I need something good to happen to him: girlfriend, vet apprentice, something. I don't know how much more Lydia needs to show that Stiles needs a sign: either shut him down or show him he has a chance. Sheesh. And I thought that if Lydia wasn't there for him, he'd get a shot with Erica but now we don't know what happened to her and Boyd (I think they'll be fine, but weirder things have happened).
Also, I have nothing against Jackson but he just gets everything handed to him. Now he gets his wish of being part of the Pack? Come on. I'm glad Allison is back to being her normal self, but I hope she keeps some of the edge, ie not being a damsel at all times. Though it took awhile, I think Isaac is going to be a great part of the show. It seems that he could be the third part to Scott/Stiles group especially since Allison seems to be out of the picture for the time being. Scott showed in this episode that he can be a leader and isn't as stupid as some make him out to be. I am worried about him and Allison though; I don't think the writers are going to let him be single so I think they'll introduce a new female character (maybe an Alpha?) that is going to connect with Scott....