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Homeland Review: Throwing Your Life Away

I can't understand why Carrie and Brody would just get up in the middle of a memorial for the Vice President of the United States, boldly and conspicuously walk out of the very large room in front of hundreds of people, and then run upstairs to an empty office to make out and declare their love for each other when they could've waited to do so at the end of the memorial. There was plenty of time for lurve. That misstep was incredulous and was obviously employed b/c there was no other way to get them out of what soon became harm's way. What I found most annoying in the entire series was flat affect Dana. Did she get a degree in eyebrow twitching and hand-wringing acting? She has one foot in the grave one day and then is Ms. Nuclear Reactor the next. And way the hell too self-righteous for a teenager. I'll continue to watch it but, like Newsroom on HBO, it'll be with a canary yellow jaundiced eye.