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Gossip Girl Quotes From "Reversals of Fortune"

the vanessa line was probably one of my fave lines of the episode. my favorite had to be "I'm not Chuck Bass without you." it was just so awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 68

OH MAN look! My black hair dye washed out!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 65

Rufus: So I want the pink sweater set in men's large and uhh do you have a conversion to men's sizes for those purple pumps? Don't forget the orange skirt, too.
Dan: Dad, those colors soo don't go together, especially with your eyes!

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Valley Girls (Season 2)

The prom parts and the parts between Lily and Owen were my favorite parts of the episode. That and the "I need a prom dress." "Fine but you're gonna have to get your own shoes." between Dan and Jenny. CHUCK WAS SO SWEET! Even Serena admitted it. I love Chuck Bass. Too bad he so obviously loves Blair or I might steal him . . . that and the fact that he's a fictional tv character. I can't wait for next week!

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okay but you're gonna need to get your own shoes

anyone know why the hell dan was doing the bunny hop at prom?

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Valley Girls- Owen

Lily meets Rufus in the '90s. They wanted Lily to have persepective love interests for the next few years since it's supposed to be about 1983 right now.

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