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I think that even if they will continue Moonlight it will never be as good as TVD. One vampire show is surely enough! There are other things to care about & if there are too many of these shows it'll get boring. (sorry, i'm not a native speaker)


The episode was AH-MAZING!
I loved it so much and I was so shocked! They made like the best season finale ever! I don't think that GG will reach that :D But I'm very sad that Anna had to die. She was so kind!
And the last few minutes were SO shocking! The John & Katherine scene... OMG! Can't find words! And yaih, Delena look hot, even if it was Katherine :D But when was Katherine invited in?


i can't believe what happened!
the season finale was SO awesome!
But RIP Anna! Welcome Katherine!

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If you cut revenge out of the bible, there are not even enough pages left to make a pamphlet


from which episode is this?

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i just wondered...


Do you think if they possibly mean KATHERINE and Damon? After all Elena isn't wearing the necklace and she told Stefan that she loves him like a hundred times. Now that Katherine is back it would make totally sense.

(sorry for the language mistakes!)

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Dan and Serena need to come back

Dan, Serena, Dan, Serena WOOO!

remember? ;)

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