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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 155

I love this one :) Ronjay2309
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May 15th, 2011 12:50 PM
Jack: "Dude, you've waited for more than ten years now."
Nate: "Yeah, I think it's time to accept that it's fiction."
Chuck: "I'm gonna get my Hogwarts letter no matter what you say!"

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 144

LOVE THIS ONE- aha you have my vote :)
The Yalier
Dan : Face it Blair, I know you better than you know me!
Blair : No way, Humpty Dumpty!
Dan : Don't deny it, B just ask me anything.
Blair : Who's my celebrity crush?
Dan : Ed Westwick.
Blair : How on Earth did you know that?
Dan : Easy. He's also my celebrity crush.

Poor Serena

that totally makes sense about the ben/ teacher thing cause in one of the recent episodes juliet is talking to colin about how ben used to love teaching and stuff like that...

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Spoilers for After the Break (Spoilers)

I hope it isn't too :(

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why chuck will be in paris? (Spoilers)

maybe the girl is someone who found him on the street? i dont know i would just be a bit surprised if he just got shot went into a coma came out found himself a new girlfriend and came to paris...she could have found him and taken him to the hospital or something...realised he had no family and stuck by him ???

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GGI member quiz

Name: Nikeisha

Age (NR): 14 nearly 15

Location (province) NR: Australia

Random fact about yourself: Tiger’s are my favorite animal.

Interests/hobbies: rowing, singing, playing the piano, gossip girl

Favorite GG characters: Blair and chuck

Role Model: parents, grandparents, leighton meester

Favorite Music Artists: Micheal Buble, leighton meester

What you want to be when you grow up: pediatrician or orthodontist


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