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i loved him on home and away, wow he grew his hair out but he was so awesome, even though he played an evil psycho but still so hot :) his shirtless scenes were amazing


this list is weird,
one tree hill isnt nominated and they randomly put sophia bush in but seriously if they had to choose an actress from there it should have been bethany she was amazing this season, especially towards the end and yeaahh ed should be in choice tv actor he was awesome this season and im voting for leighton :) xx

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look guys i'm being serious for once so


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Episode title for 4x20 (Spoilers)

i wish dan was the frog and blair's the princess <3

she kisses him and they love happily ever after :) :)

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Season 4 is about to get really good

Jen, look at the DB pics for 4x16 :)

i made a thread

but theyre on the DAIR thread as well <3

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