Hi! I'm Alexis one of many GG lovers (Canadian ey?). Lol I {Heart} Blair/Nate, Chuck/Blair and Dan/Serena (kinda).  Chace Crawford is my fairytale husband (wish I could meet him >_<)

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 50

Gabriel: SO here we are...having a drunken Brunch like any normal couple.
Serena: Don't look now but *giggle* here comes Poppy!
Gabriel: And nows the perfect time to admit I helped her scam millions of dollars from your family and friends!
Serena: *Sips drink* Soooo, pick me up for a movie at 8ish?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 49

Nate: C'mon Chuck, one more game!
Chuck: So now we're resorting to a game of basketball do decide who wins Blair?
Nate: Yeah...
Chuck: Good idea Nathaniel.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 49

Chuck: Lets play one-on-one Nathaniel.
Nate: Actually, I'd rather play something that doesn't remind me of a T.V show, how about Horse?
Chuck: No, Lets play Blair.
Nate: Wha...Thats not a game dude.
Chuck: But unlike a Horse we've both had our hands on Blair.