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Hilary Duff Lands Role on Gossip Girl

ehhhh. not that amazing but whatever

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 36

Blair: Look Miss Carr, you aren't in Kansas anymore. If you want to be part of my minions you're going to have to do more than change my B to an A. Although that would be a start. Miss Carr: I'm from Iowa!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 29

Blair: Why today, why Chuck, oh why do I care so much?
Nate: I told you your sweet on him.
Blair: Oh, what do you know? Your the one who thought that I didn't have sex in a limo with Chuck and I did.
Chuck(thinking): Good times. Now if only I could get that skirt shorter...

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NEW Threesome Theory! (Spoilers)

I think that is genius!!! It would be so much better than the other threesome. I can't believe you saw all those details! I wouldn't have been able to see that! I so hope that it is Nate-Jenny-Mean Girl. Would be interesting for it being Jenny's first time, don't ya think?

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Okayy, I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place but since they have the Nate-Jenny-Blair-Chuck (NJBC) thread, I thought we should have the DSBC (Dan-Serena-Blair-Chuck) thread.

So start talking everyone!!

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Quote Game.

I'm not sure about the first blank so I'll leave it blank.


Chuck: I ______ this town. I'm going to have to tell my parents the hotel they just bought is serving minors.

Serena: And if you have a drink they're also serving pigs.

Chuck: I love it when you talk dirty

Serena: You just love it when a girl talks to you

Chuck: Actually I prefer it when they aren't talking


And here's mine:


Blair: Notice how my _____ didn't go __ at the end? Not a _________

Chuck: ____

Blair: ______? I'll ______ you.

Chuck: It's just a ____ Blair!

Blair: Not to me you ________, I ____ him!!!


Love that scene!!!

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