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Gossip Girl Season Two Finale Poster

WELL i hope that blair, chuck, nate, and serena are still the main characters in the next season!! im scared that they will make eric, jenny, pentelope, hazel into the main characters!

The State of Gossip Girl

its just that everyone is mad at vanessa and dan, what can i say..i just love to watch pretend rich people, not pretend poor people

Hands On

umm..dude, anyone notice that ed has been packing on some pounds..getting chubby there!

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Nate & Pop Tarts

in one of the books nate's parents were away. so he told his housekeeper to buy him food he use to eat in kindergarden..granny smith apples, peanut butter, pop tarts, pb&j.  it was a stoner phase. hopefully

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Chase in TV´s hottest but Ed not? OUTRAGE! (Ed Westwick)

i use to worship ed, but ever since that photo of him and jessica making out and he is shirtless ive lost it.. he is not getting pretty, i mean no offense to the chubby people, cuz i am, but even the producers are getting mad at him for gaining the weight and it makes him look really old and non-chic..its was on yahoo entertainment feature photo thingy. 

chuck bass looks HOT

ed westwich is NOT

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Seder Anything (Season 2)

okay this is wayyy confusing, but i think i figured it out..

the wedding rehearal is for tripp and his fiancee, because blair said she wanted to be a bridesmaid and if it was serena's of coarse she would be a bridesmail, but she isisnt and she is asking nate's grandfather so that means that its tripps weeding. 

and the part in the promo with dan and serena having a conversation is just throwing us off and i havent figured that out yet.   but maybe serena married gabriel in spain, because the episode is about the dinner rehearsal. and dan was asking a,b,or c..and she said she picked c so she is a wife already.

 and for sure the part where chuck is on top of someone, it is blair, because it is followed by the nate/blair conversation "i thought it would be different this time", althought blair didnt exactly cheat on nate it was veryy close to cheating and i would consider it cheating. 

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