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I really like Jim's idea--showing all of the Firefly references. I would also like them show all of the dialogue that is a reference to dialogue in an earlier episode. For instance in Ep. 1 of this year--the opening scene where Castle says "I had no idea" referencing Beckett's whisper to him in Season 1, Ep. 1 (I think). And the recent reference to Beckett using "ice cubes" which I believe was also mentioned in an earlier season. There seems to be a lot of that going on and I love the writers for it. One of my favorite scenes: in Episode 100 at the end, Castle and Beckett toasting to the 100 murders they have solved - and saying here's to 100 more. Let's hope there are another 100 episodes of Castle. It is a really terrific show. I don't think they can put enough Outtakes, deleted scenes or Extras on a Season DVD. Hearing from the Writers and their process would also be terrific.

NCIS Promo: It's Payback Time

I think you can assume NCIS will be back for AT LEAST one more year--it's the number one show on television with about 20 million viewers every week. I don't they would cancel a golden goose unless Mark Harmon or multiple other main cast members decided to leave.

NCIS Round Table: "Shabbat Shalom"

No question that this episode had shock value. I don't think Eli is still alive - Ziva is familiar enough with death to determine his condition. I can't think of a reason they would fake Jackie's death. That said, I think the revenge going forward will be critical. My guess is Vance will likely feel he is through with Ziva--human nature makes us want to blame someone for something so devastating and she is the most likely target. They will need to find a way for Ziva to redeem herself in his eyes. Or perhaps others are right and Vance will leave the show. This will be difficult to work through and it may take until the season finale to exact revenge. I don't understand people's dislike of Ziva. She is a talented actor and a good contrast to Kate.

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