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I am in a minority of those of us commenting because I really liked the finale. I think we all need to bear in mind that this is a comedy not Breaking Bad. They needed to get Ted and Robin back together because that was the foregone direction of the series from day one. The show veered for years as everyone wondered how they would accomplish it. They did artfully with the kids leading the way which softened the blow They also made Barney a caring human being after all--not an easy thing to do. All in all I rate this higher than the finales of Seinfeld and Dexter and about even with others like Mash.

Blue Bloods Review: Going Too Far

I thought this was one of the better episodes of the season. I particularly liked that Baker's role was expanded a bit as I have long thought that her character was being wasted. She did a terrific job both in dealing with that crazy cop from out of town and her relationship with Frank Reagan. The drag queen story line was well done both in crime solving and the human aspect of respect and humor that Danny brought to bear. I, too, like so many others on this site was truly disappointed in Erin's final comment to that distraught cancer-ridden woman who had fought for two and half years against an uncaring system to free her wrongfully accused son. Erin acted so compassionately during the episode that her final comments not were unduly harsh but out of the Reagan mode of the show.

The Good Wife Review: Alicia Gets a Break

I guess I'm in the minority given all of the positive comments already posted, but I thought there was simply too much going on in this episode--is Alicia leaving or staying? What about Diane and Will? How about the beautiful aide to the Governor? The interesting case? Grace and the minister?
And I'm probably missing a few subplots. Although I enjoyed the episode, I truly feel that it was a bit unfocused with too many balls in the air.

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