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The show should focus more on Mer & Der and not forgetting the absent Izzie! The less we have to do with this `Alex Karev wannabe` the better!


Dear Can you explain why you have posted a photo of the most hated group of characters ever to appear on Grey's Anatomy? Ah! I know, you've done it so we can print out the photo and place it on a dartboard,(like the one in Joe's Bar) to help keep our minds off the fact that there is no new Grey's episode until the new year. Thank you SOO! much.

What Did You Think of "Holidaze"?

The storylines were ok, but what I really didn't like was the pace of the episode. In the first 2 episodes the pace didn't hinder it too much as it covered 2 episodes (not that I cared much about the pace there either!)However, it really was awful as we covered a month and a half in 40mins. I was afraid to blink, because I might miss easter the way the pace of the episode was going. The only good thing about it was the regular cast. The best scene was Mer, Cristina and Alex sharing what they are not thankful for, excellent! I've also thought of a way to get rid of that cheerleader from Mercy West, the one who tried it on with Cristina. How about him falling into an empty elevator shaft (like Joey from friends departure in `The days of our lives`) If I think of other ways to get rid of the other 2 cheerleaders from Mercy West, I will post it, or if anyone else has any good ideas on how to purge Grey's of the 3 Mercy West Cheerleaders, I will be very happy to read about it.

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The Trgedy that is O'Mizzie (Relationships)

I am an avid fan of this programme and the thing that makes me watch it, week in and week out is due to the writing. The writers are able to conjure up characters which are believeable, that they would/could actually exist. May I also add that I fully supported the recent writers strike in the US over the past year, even though it cost us a lot of episodes of Greys Anatomy.

And here is where I have an issue with this relationship, George and Izzy as lovers doesn't not have the ring of authenticity about it as other relationships do in this series. It is this ring of authenticity of all the relationships in the programme which makes the series work.

I hope that the writers can move them away from each other as lovers and move them back as friends.

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