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Bones Review: See Past the Static

I want to continue to love the show, but it has become too much of a soap opera and not enough of a mystery for my tastes. Suddenly appearing family members? (thank god it was not a twin)
Marriages and money?
Day care obsessions? Before everyone reacts and tells me to "stop watching," I can, of course, and will if I have to.....but I miss the mystery/drama that was Bones.

NCIS Review: Prognosis, TMI

I agree completely
it was funny, charming, and the writers are doing a fine job with bishop-
So far? an impressive debut
and I love Diane! and now Emily!
It is nice to see a one hour show with FOUR (including Abby) interesting female characters.

Castle Review: Shown the Trap Door

I disagree with the majority of posters. I have adult kids and we do not always agree with their choices. But Castle was horrible and critical at their house for dinner. Alexis had a right to be angry, and not to accept his word that he had changed his mind- he has not yet changed his mind. It was not about Beckett as much as it was about Alexis supporting his choices- even when they have put his life at constant risk as he tags along with NYPD. Castle was the baby- not Alexis.
Someone needs to be a grown up- or he will lost her to Pi