what the fuck? I don't want people to email me. How do you hide that shit.
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as of now, I'm team forwood. I don't care about them but anything to erase Klaoroline.

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Departed Press Release

I think bonnie is going to have to make the decison to leave with klaus, because in the stills it looks like someone bit her, and something happens to her that makes klaus want to have his 'witch'

I totally think Bonnie is going dark y'all!!!

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Before The Sunset Stills

all I see is bonnie and I'm just freaking out, the hell is going on?

why is klaus trying to  get bonnie???? whhaaaa!!

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New 3x20 stills

Ugh I'm happy that bonnie looks happy but she's dancing with that guy, yuck! I don't care the Julie doesn't agree with our "logic" that's her  step brother!!!

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