14 yr old boy from Australia. Watched the first 3 seasons of Greys in 1 week, and now im hooked.
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sexie are they a hit or miss? (Relationships)

i think it cud work really well, but it wud be a bit like meredith and derek. i mean derek + mark both from NY, both, omg i cant remember the type of doctor between a resident and cheif ARG. anyway, they are both them (the higher form of resident). Lexie and Meredith were and are both interns when they met them and lexie and meredith both have a the same last name O_o??



Lexie + George wudda been ghooood

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Mark and Callie Fans HERE!, no haters please (Relationships)

i havent seen the relationship yet, but it sounds good, but i think that lexie and Mark make an interesting combination. Lexie being the new intern, commonly know as meridiths sister, so shes not a "big" person, but mark is pritty muich the opposite. i think it wud work.

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Lots of respect for Cristina

when  i said stupid i mean meridith

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