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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? A: Serena to Chuck: "Blair got rejected from Yale."
Chuck: "Hm. The one thing she wanted more than me. That hurts." 2. Will the past continue to be an issue for Lily and Rufus? A: It really shouldn't be, unless the writers get super bored, of course. 3. Do you feel bad for Vanessa? A: A little, mostly cos I hate Blair and Nate together. Had they hooked Nate up with someone else.. maybe I wouldn't. 4. Should Chuck have done as requested when Blair said "take me now," or did he handle the situation correctly? A: Nah. What fun would it be if Chuck has sex with some crazy form of Blair? 5. What's next for Blair and Nate? A: Hopefully nothing much. I hate them together. So much.

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