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Southland Review: Inevitable

I am sad to see the writers have killed off most of the cast. This show was once the only good cop show on television. I bragged at work that the tv show
"Southland" writers had gotten it write and the characters were worth seeing week after week. I suffering that falls upon the cop "Cooper" and the last scene with him means he will not be able to come back. The behavior of the character means he would end up in prison or a padded cell. No way could a person,"guy with the generator" take that kind of beating and survive.No way could "Cooper" come back full duty. I am sad to have seen the best characters get written out"killed off" or turn corrupt. My wife said it best, The writers proved that they don't "like cops." I think I can professionally say that I have been a San Francisco Police officer for 28 years. I am about to retire and I am sadden by the writing and the loss of what started out as the best cop show in a really long time.