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I live in San Francisco I want to marry Chuck Bass If I don't succeed in this mission, I want Blair to marry Chuck Bass.  
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Is there some sort of moderator that can ban CHOSENONE from this forum?

Who Will Die on Gossip Girl?

There was a "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" reference in the spoilers which leads me to believe it will be none other than Jenny Humphrey.

Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: "The Backup Dan"

Is Blair wearing a sweatshirt? Jeez.. the world really IS ending in 2012..

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Who is evil now?

Juliette is definitely going to be on suicide watch once this show is over.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Nobody else noticed the lightbulb go off in Chuck's head when Bart said "Marriage has it's advantages."  ??? I sure did.. Looks like Chuck & Blair will definitely get married and Blair will help keep him out of trouble.. 

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"Marriage has its advantages." -Bart Bass

Foreshadowing, perhaps? 

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