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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 117

Caroline: All i ever wanted was to have a father, who would be there for me, and now he's dying,i could save him but that would mean he would be here forever, and if he wasnt here for me then why should he be here for me now. Sheriff Forbes: caroline, he is your father whether he was here for you or not. It would be disturbing to us both if he were to die,although he did leave me for a man that doen't mean he should suffer, in your eyes. Mr.Forbes:I am dying caroline, and i would understand if you would never forgive me for never being there for you, but im truly sorry for the actions that i have made,im sorry for never being there for you and for all the hurt that i have caused this family,it wasnt your actions that led me to be the way that i am it was mine. i love you my sweet daughter, forgive me. Caroline(thinking about giving her father ever lasting life)- Reaches down to kiss his cheek but instead bites him, turning him into her Vampire father.