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Dallas Review: A Dangerous Dance

I knew immediately that Rebecca was pregnant when she had a nosebleed because that happened to me when I was pregnant. Before I had any other symptoms, I had a nosebleed and like Rebecca had no idea what it meant. I agree about Chris being wishy-washy. He's one of the heroes but I find myself liking John Ross more even though I am not on his side. I just think his character is stronger than Christopher's. At least he is clear about what he wants. And I am annoyed that Bobby's wife is still hiding things from him after he burned the envelope and told her he loved & trusted her. She needs to trust him.

Sons of Anarchy Review: "Lochan Mor"

I am also losing my patience and interest. This season has dragged out - and now we are down to the last 7 episodes. Very creepy the flirtation between Jax and Trinity. Gross. They better not go THERE.
I had high hopes for last night's episode but I must admit, I was disappointed at the lack of momentum. Hope things pick up.