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okay so i dont exactly agree with this review. yeah it was weird with all the hallucinations but i thought it was awesome the way brittany danced, she made me laugh the whole way through. they needed to breakout her character and what better way to do that then having her dance her butt off to britney spears.
i am a huge fan of finchel and i loved how they ended the episode especially with rachel singing the only exception and the part where finn stops talking to santana and britt to go and walk with her.
i thought it was a hilarious episode, and i cant wait for next weeks.

Glee Round Table: "Audition"

I absolutely loved this episode of glee! I would have to say my favorite performance was of sunshine singing "listen" i lovvved that performance.
I also loved Rachels performance too, I love her new hair cut and I think her and Finn are adorable!
Overall I think it was an awesome episode! I can't wait for next week's Britney episode, I can't wait to hear Brittany sing! :)