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My best guess is Tony Sr.
He just moved to DC and always shows up at the wrong time. Jr and Sr have already had their hart to hart discussion so to me he would be the one to leave us. All the other main characters have had a personal loss of a parent in the past few years so it is time for Tony to grieve and to grow into the man he wants to be.


Let's see.
LaSalle was the mascot for Alabama,
McGee was the mascot for MIT.
Next we'll find out that Abby was a cheerleader for Tulane and Brody was a cheerleader for Michigan.
And I agree with y'all that the lab tech needs to go as does the new "hacker".
Geaux Tigers

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Although I will miss Ziva as a character, I think that Ziva leaving NCIS will allow the writers to complete the story lines and fill in some blanks that have been left hanging. Number one for me is Eli David and Jackie Vance deaths. Now we know that Leon has assumed his friends identity, see Knockout. My question is about Jackie's role in all this. Leon was a loner until he get befriended by Eli. After Amsterdam, Leon meets and marries Jackie. If Jackie is just a housewife and a former co-ed, she is well placed to keep track of Leons activities. She has proven to be proficient in small arms, remember her shooting of the Chinese assassin, with one shot and with Leon in the line of fire. I feel that she was also a target along with Eli as he was her controller. Notice that she is very familiar with Jewish customs and traditional foods. I don't know how it will all shake out, but I think that this could be a heck of a season. Good luck Cote, we'll miss you.