other than school, work and life... my life is basically grey's anatomy and castle.. oh and my cat.. but I'm not a crazy cat lady..

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Grey's Anatomy Promos: Guess Who's Back!

I so excited!! CHRISTINAS BACK !!


At first I wasn't a big fan of this episode. The bits with Zola and Meredith were very cute and sad.. (When meredith was about to cry after dropping zola off at callis) but the telephone calls between christina and meredith and the split screens were getting annoying.. I just wanted christina to come home. So I was surprise yet sooo happy at the end !! I'm hoping the season gets better because the few episodes for this have been boring...

Castle Round Table: "Secret's Safe With Me"

I'm loving the new season with Beckett and Castle together !! They make me so happy. Monday nights are the best nights ever :D