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Combat Hospital Review: Did I Miss Something?

I can't believe that they didn't show the Brother in Arms episode. From everything I read it seems to be a good episode. I am truly upset cause I really like this show!!!


I totally agree...how could Luke give Andy a ring that was meant for Jo maybe because it wasn't meant for Andy either. I think when Andy found the ring and Luke saw and Andy thought it was for her he needed to fix it but if you watch it over...he never actually proposed meaning he never asked the question. When I realized Luke was shot I said CRAP!!! this is only going to bring Andy and Luke closer and when I saw Jo and Sam sitting there I said DOUBLE CRAP!!! I want and have always wanted Sam and Andy together hopefully that will happen in the future!!!! I hope Andy finds out about the ring and dumps Luke....I mean how good of a guy can he be....doesn't anybody remember that line from the beginning of the show in Season 1 "He picks a new rookie each year"....that doesn't sound too good to me.

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