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Emmy Nominations

Yeap there aren't many people on this show that doesnt deserve an emmy... I would love to see all the nominees be from the Grey's cast....That would be awesome, lol

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Meaning of OO7 (James Bond)? (Episodes)

Yes I couldnt agree more, I feel that is what Alex said 007 earlier in the ep for those new watchers.


Definatly go to Blockbuster and get the seasons and watch them, they are just as good as this season.

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

People this is a VERY special show we have.  I have never been into any series much less a medical series ever before.  This show had me from the 1st ep, and I have been a follower since.

I saw the finale last night ( we drvd the last 4 episodes and STAYED away from places like this until this weekend) OMG guys, you know I get closer and closer to this show every passing episode.  I had to hold my GF through the wedding and then when she realized the 007 part (I had a feeling it was him when I noticed we hadnt seen him in a while)

The characters are very important, but without talented writing they would be nothing, so if O'Mally is gone it will be ok (BTW I love TR Character) I havent been a huge Izzy fan since she split Omally and Callie up but I have come around this season  KARMA is horrible huh. LOL

I love seeing Mark the way he is being portrayed now.


ALL around this show is SO SPECIAL... I hope I never lose it.



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