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I am going to agree with Connie. It seems like they are solving the mysteries too fast, and then having "Miller Time". Great 9-5 gig if you can get it. Again,I think the Catherine character adds almost nothing, and I do think adding Mom will be a decent sub plot. Here's hoping for better writing. If all they rely on is Steve with his shirt off to hook women, and keep running it in the "sacrificial lamb" time slot, we will be saying "Aloha" after this season.

Last Resort Round Table: "Blue on Blue"

As an Ex Navy Officer, I could pick this thing apart, but c'mon; It's TV and Fantasy, and it is very entertaining. The Chief being an "A Hole" is very accurate. I found Senior and Master Chiefs treating junior officers with disrespect, very common in the Navy. I never witnessed enlisted Petty Officers mouthing off to officers, or openly showing disrespect. Marcus is a very believable Captain. And yes, note that all are wearing the latest Navy Work Uniform (NWU) with it's digital design. It would have been obvious that even a Delta Force would wear digital como, and were not US. Also, I do take exception to making the sailors look like cowards,and lousy shots. Sailors are regularly trained on the M4 and the majority on active duty have awards as Marksmen, Sharpshooters and Experts. They would actually relish the chance to pick off the Russians in that situation. Aside from the above, the series is very well cast, so far well written, and I hope it lasts out the season. It's a great message about how a "mythical president" starts a war without justifiable reasons or real provication. Just like Dick Chaney decided we should fight Iraq, so Haliburton, who pays him a $9M a year pension, could make a handsome profit, at the cost of throwing us in debt, and destryoing countless American lives and families. Anyway, I enjoy the series, but I don't think my son, currenly on duty for the Navy in Japan (who has expert medals for Pistol and M4, and would have loved shooting from that advantage) should watch it. I am very proud of the US Navy, and will record the entire series.


I'm going to agree with the person who said that Catherine is not necessary in this episode, and maybe not necessary as a regular in the series. I'm also going to state that they need a NEW SET OF WRITERS!!!. Another weak, and empty episode. It seems that all they do now, is make a quick and easy ending, followed up by a "Miller Time" get together where they all eat, drink, and laugh. I don't know how long they can keep relying on the local scenic shots of O'ahu, and giving the women "beef cake" shots of the star, to keep them watching. They need to improve their writing, stop putting in these "unrealistic" scenes (like the amoured car being picked up by a helicopter, and Kono "magically" pulling Chen up), and making the Honolulu PD looke stupid and incompetant. By the way, I used to live in Hawaii, and know how much this show means to the State. However, we all laugh at the total lack of detail to any sense of reality.

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