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Once Upon a Time Review: The Unexpected Life

true love's kiss didn't work cause she doesn't know him. remember when rumple tried it too but belle lost her memory so it didn't work too

Once Upon a Time Review: Start With Hope

Why? I think it's great thing. It's their second chance at being parents.

Once Upon a Time Review: Start With Hope

my sister was watching with me and she said "how can neal never stop fighting for emma when he never started in the first place?" i agree

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Don't let Emma and Hook fall for each other

@Hookified... that's true. Neal left Emma.


And yeah, don't think Emma will just dump Hook once Neal returns.


Mulan and Neal? Maybe. I kinda like to think Neal and Regina would get together someday :)

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I feel like it's definitely Hook. I definitely want it to be Hook. I feel like Neal lost his chance when he left her. There's no excuse for that and I don't want Emma running back to Neal after he didn't fight for her.

Hook is the "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets" kind of guy and that's what Emma needs.

Not to mention, I love them when they are together. They have the best scenes!

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- Team Hook & Emma/Captain Swan -

Hook and Emma! That's my OTP right there!

They are sooo exciting to watch! I have loved all of their scenes together! I love what they represent. I see awesome potential. They gon' be EPIC!

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