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Has not only the building up to a right moment been so right in all different angles! Talk about drama and decision making. First off, the destinies of all major mais and allies is in a deep suspense until next season. Would Jasmine and Valentina really die? For the looks of it, Alec would have the answer. Would Alec avenge his adoptive family by killing his biological brother? How about the humans in it. Chloe's mom seems to be in deep danger as well with Brian's father. Is she going to regret her dinner plans? At least Amy and Paul seem okay, physically thus far. More shocking is Chloe's death which is counting serves right we are down to 7 lives left. Or perhaps Brian's apparent misfortune to been kiss by a mai and lost his life. As well as Simone and Grandama dark and evil involvement. So much to be waiting for!!!

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