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I watch Gossip Girl religiously and once the clock strikes 7:59 on my Monday nights, my cell phone goes on silent, the popcorn comes out of the oven, and my eyes are glued to the TV. For the next hour, I am sucked in to the Upper East Side, where I pretend I'm Blair Waldorf (;
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Frenemy Fight! Team Blair or Team Serena?

I used to be the biggest fan of Blair, but I really can't stand her right now. Team Serena!!! :)


BEST EPISODE EVER! Wow, I hope Chuck and Blair make it through this, but DAMN! It was good.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr: Going Strong!

Awwww, that's so cute!

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about s2 dvd

I preordered it in May, and here I am... waiting... WHERE IS THE UPS MAN!?!?!

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First set photos from season 3 (Spoilers)

this is making everything so exciting!! chuck looks terrif! :)

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Deleted scene from Season 2

I hope they have the Blair-Nate fakeout scene from the finale :P

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