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Drop Dead Diva Review: The Fork In The Road

answering the post before this about who is Harrison, the show never taked about Harrison. They did, season 2...Claire Harrison. She was getting with Parker, she wasn't really in the show because they said she left the firm after her and Parker ended things (that stuff was never shown in the show, it was supposed to be a really long time ago) anyways, she comes back trying to sue her ex husband or whatever and they had that prenup on that napkin...and she came back brifely to work, but then Kim found out that she committed fraud and u never see her again in the show. and as for Season 4...LOOOVED it, I think Grayson and JaneDeb should end up together, I hate Owennnnnnnnn. Nice and all and a good character, I am just completely team Grayson. hahahaha wouldn't it just blow everyones mind tho, if now, that Old Jane is in Owens body, if him and JaneDeb STILL get back together HAHAHA, old jane dates new jane! That would be a twist. and I love Parker and Kim together that makes me even more happier than JaneDeb and Grayson. Oh yeah. BRING BACK FRED!!!!