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Castle Review: I Never Stopped

One of the best episodes in a while. Always loved the 3XK story arc. For me, the only thing missing from this episode was that Kate never said, "I love you." The jail scene where Kate assures Castle she never stopped believing him would have been the perfect time for those 3 magic words. Heck, I would even have settled for the library scene. Ah well, Marlowe made up for it by having that jolting car crash scene on the bridge! I was expecting an ambush and it still got me by surprise. Loved how when Kate started shooting at Tyson, she did not have her usual "I'm a badass cop and I mean business" look on her face. Instead, she looked like an avenging angel. That "You are trying to harm my loved one and I am bringing the wrath!" look was scary. Castle was equally serious when he unloaded on 3XK. Keep it up guys, so far I feel the fears that Castle would go the route of Moonlighting are nowhere to be seen. BTW, I may be somewhat of an anomaly as far as viewing audience. I am a 55-year-old male and am the one who got my wife and daughter interested in the show. Weird yes? No?