TEAM DAMON all the way! Stefan sucks 
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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Delena & Chair

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 79

Stef : Bitch I'm the bomb like tick, tick..


GOOOOOD I just can't breathe anymore! HOTNESS!!!
The song is ; The Kills - Damned if she do

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Official "The Descent" Synopsis

Damon can't kill Rose! Thats what i think about. Why should he do that ?? Delena kiss isn't happening, i think. CAN'T FCKING WAIT ANYMORE ARGGGGGG

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Dead character Returning??

When i think about someone who's dead on the show , i see Vicky & Anna,But vicky wasn't that important (i think) so i would go for Anna! If Bonnie gonna have Luka/Luca( don't know how to spell it) Then Jeremy should hava Anna back ! I want anna!

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