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1. Dan telling Vanessa off. I swear I could picture keyboard cat playing her off after that one. 2. Apparently not, otherwise the ep wouldn't be called "The wrong goodbye". 3. I always have issues with these "hardest to believe" questions cause it always seems like the options are not thought all the way thru...
In Cali, a beautiful girl getting a job in the movies? Yeah, cause that never happens (irony mode on)... A supposedly good book with an anonymous author. Hmmm, why would that be hard to publish? And honestly I don't think Vanessa was looking for money, I think her goal was to get the book published by any means necessary. So maybe she didn't get THAT lucrative deal you think, but just the average payment for a writing work.
That leaves the only actual coherent option which was the quick resolution of the Thorpe's sl. 4. As much as I love that Jack Basstard, my answer is Georgie. But I'd like to see Juliet back as well. 5. She was useful to cause the thunder that will shake the UES in S05. So 0, call it a nice goodbye. 6. Blair is more than obvious, so for this moment, I'll say it's Serena's/Ben's love child ;)


1. All Jack's lines. He was definitely the comic relief. But I also liked Blair to Penelope "I invited you to attend, not to speak", gotta love vintage Gossip Girl.
2. As Mister Meester said, it was those 3 things all together.
3. The Russel/Chuck story doesn't seem hard to believe for me. A little far fetched maybe, but not unrealistic.
Blair's engagement shouldn't even be an option in this question. Given Blair, do you really consider hard to believe that she would jump into an engagement with a real Prince?
The Charlie thing, well, you can think maybe that was not the first dose she missed. Maybe she has not been taking her meds ever since she arrived in the UES. So for me, the real HARD thing to believe was she throwing her meds on a living room trash can thinking no one would find out.
4. As much as it is always so delightful when Cyrus appears and the vintage mean girls were missed, gotta give up to good, friendly uncle Jack.
5. 20. what was her use, honestly? To tell something Serena had already discovered at Blair's party?
6. It seems that Chuck will choose the prince for her.


The producers released this picture on purpose to mislead the viewers and everybody is now going to the direction the writers want: to believe that CB will be together in the season finale. Remember, we were fooled before by pics and promos, so don't jump to conclusions before you see what happens... specially when there are a lot of spoilers saying otherwise...

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How Dan feels about Vanessa leaving

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Vera Wang commercial (Leighton Meester)

She looks amazing! But a few scenes of that commercial bothered the crap outta me.. first is the scene when the guy finally arrives to her window... when she is watching his last steps her hair is not behind her ear but when he arrives with the flowers it is..gawd, hate that ¬¬ (0:24/0:25).. second is the hugging scene... her face looks weird, forced and the whole hug was a fiasco to me, not a cute, sweet hug... 

But anyways, I love Leigh and hope the fragrance and campaign to be a huge success!

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