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This show sucks sooo bad it's beyond words. From the ridiculous laugh track every two seconds, to hearing what Berta's thinking, the show is spiraling down hard. Ashton's character is terrible, enough of the poor me, all I want is my ex (who isn't even remotely hot), and somehow I can't even pick out my own clothes but I'm smart enough to develop a product that sold for a billion dollars... give me a break. Last show, they even sped up the footage of the car that Allan and Walden were driving in to make it look like it was zooming through traffic.. so many (stupid) things the show has never done before (never needed to). Allan is even monumentally more of a buffoon and wimp this season, to the point he's un-watchable (and I always LIKED his character). The show needs to take a dirt nap. As someone else said, Rob Lowe would have been a good choice, Colin Farrel would have been great (maybe Charlie's cousin come to save the day). That's assuming they'd even do such a role... I'm really just so disappointed in the show now... I know they had to do something, but it's just not good.... Let Charlie make it up to everyone, get his crap together, and emerge from Rose's basement where she's kept him locked up for the past few months.... :)

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