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she says she doesnt work out! so lucky lol
she still looks awesome! cute outfit

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What will I do without gossipgirl for 3months?! (Spoilers)

I suggest watching the o.c they have 4 seasons! so lots of time wasted.

atleast thats what im doing lol, and then when it comes closer to the season starting up again ill rewatch all the seasons, (: yes.. im cool.

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Did anyone else like Nate in tonights episode?? (Spoilers)

I thought he was funny! like when him and serena were at the bar waiting for gossip girl to show up and when dan comes in hes shocked hahahaha

for once i thought he was kind of funny!


did anyone else think so?

what do you think will happen with him next season?

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The Fabulous Finale (Spoilers)

I agree!

im interested to know whats up with serena and her dad.. i mean that will deffiantly put problems for rufus and lilly next season

AHH drama!

i was so happy when i saw chuck and blair finnaly say i love you EEE! =] i had a smile on my face!

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