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Hi, I'm a huge GG fan, and a "huger" Chair fan. you know you love me xxo
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Two Sneak Previews of "The Debarted"

OMG! Chuck is so hot in this vid... ok, I know I shouldn't care about that but he looks gorgeous when he's sad. And isn't B supposed to be a bit more sweet? At a point I thought he would left her! But it worked. Dan...= such an... idiot:)

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 78

chucksbabydoll: That was exilarating!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 78

Chuck: Haven't you heard? I'm the bad boy around here.
Damien: Not anymore. *smirks*
Chuck: *evil look* You are just an amateur. We don't give drugs to little girls like that! You don't have style!
Jenny: I'm so sick and tired of this! Can I take that blue thing?

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