I love Justin Bieber! I am a hardcore CHAIR/gossip girl FAN. I obviouley believe chair is endgame!!!!ANd im a fun loving person!

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 151

Blair:Tell me how u feel chuck
CHuck: i feel like u betraed me by kissing dan
Blair: elle,eva,and rain?
Chuck: those three ppl just made me realize....
Chuck and blaira t same time: how much i wanna be with u


I have tried to be civil about this whole chair vs dair but im not anymore and im gonna tell dair fans somthing u call us names u bash us then say that we r the rude ones because we stand up for what we believe in wich is chuck and bkair dont get me wrong dair is cute but just as friends they r not an endgame couple i would rather blair end up with carter baisen its a tv show so obviously they will find a way to bring chuck and blair back together


@ bec215 im sorry to say that i cant agree with u i dont think i would be able to watch it with new ppl no one can meet the expectations that our cast now has set for new charrecters i think that we should keep the same cast and see where it leads us even if season 5 is our last at least we got 1 more season but everyone is entitled to our opinoins and there is no reason to fight because the producers are gonna do what they r gonna do sorry i messed up the first time