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Taylor Momsen Turns Heads at Fashion Week

WoW! I'm 16 and I definitely wouldn't wear that. But then again
I don't have her legs. x) Personally, it's way better than what
Miley and VAH do. Plus, like Emilee said, she's not wearing an
effing thong or whatever. Plus I've been seen in less. It's called
a bikini. I'm not endorsing Taylor's outfit of choice - being
that I would NEVER wear something like that - but I'm not going
to be like, "Omfgg, HOE!"


Wow. Missed a lot since I posted. Rofl. Just want to say that, Jessica/Blake/Taylor/Anti-Leighton people, it somewhat makes no sense for you to say we got 'nuts' for Leighton and yet you're going 'nuts' for who you support. Lmao, NOT all of you are doing it but just felt like pointing that out. AND all celebrities are going to have their annoying fans. ALL OF THEM. Believe it or not. Now, I don't exactly 'prefer' Leighton over others I just seem more 'drawn' to her more. I love Blake personally, she's beautiful and she has talent. I don't hate Jessica but I'm not a fan. She's somewhat just 'there' for me. She hasn't really done anything to make me 'go for her'. But I don't bash on her. Taylor, I actually kind of like. I don't agree with her style but whatever. We're all different. [Now i've strayed from the topic - back onto it XD] I still love Leighton and I can honestly say that maybe I wouldn't be 'as defensive' about it if it were Blake, Jessica, or Taylor, but I definitely wouldn't have bee like, 'Slut!'. Why? Because they AREN'T sluts. Go look up the definition of a slut because it's so wrongly used these days. Paris Hilton. . . Different story. She puts it out there. She's somewhat shown that she'd give it out to anyone. How? No underwear - more than once might I add, She surrounds herself with less than respectable people, etc. Leighton's been very private and unfortunately a personal thing became very public. She's never show that 'slutty' side to her and this tape doesn't prove sluttiness or anything. It just shows that she's sexual and that she's made a mistake. [Okay. I kind of lost my train of thought and rambled and now make no sense so I'll just stop. I'm running on no hours of sleep. XD]


:Claps: Way to go queen.blair! You made amazing points! I love you just for typing that! I swear, that was amazing! :D You are my new GGinsider hero! Rofl!