Hi! i LOVE GG so much! it´s kind of scary because it´s means so much to me it´s like my whole world is about GOSSIP GIRL, DANCE, MUSIC AND PCD. so you can say that I live for it.;p The biggest reason why i watch the show is because of CHAIR they are just soo HOT together the best couple i have ever seen on TV. THE actors are sooo good i mean they match perfect for their characters. But it´s just bad that ed and leight not are a real couple"/ if that ever happened I would be soo HAPPY!! can´t wait for the season finale and season 3!!!  
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Gossip Girl Music Video Promo For Monday

love this video and this song!!!!!!!!!!! these girls rock!!

Such BS

love blair´s outfit

William van der Bilt III

sooo hot!