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Grey's Anatomy Review: We've Got Males!

I hate that people are saying that they absolutely hated this episode. It wasn't a bad episode AT ALL. All those sexy guys... how could you not like this episode? And for those complaining about not seeing the women, IT WAS JUST FOR ONE EPISODE!!!! Geez! Plus the writers have to spice it up a little bit. If we just got one type of drama and things were always predictable then the show would become boring. I don't mind them trying something new, I loved it and I really love the show. I watch and support every episode that comes on. I mean yeah I missed the ladies too but I knew they would be back so it was no big deal. I've enjoyed all the episodes so far.. this season is epic for so many reasons. And on that note: 1.Derek snap out of it!! Bring McDreamy back!!
and 2. I wish they would bring someone in to flirt with Mer to make Derek jealous, just because I'm mad at him right now and I want to see his face when someone else is being kind to his wife for a change


I knew as soon as I seen Bree's mailbox open that there was going to be a letter and it was going to say something about knowing what she did. This is going to be interesting and will probably drive them crazy until they figure it out. I'm gonna miss this show :(