I am an enormous GossipGirl fan who has crossed the line between innocent watcher to loyal obsessor and my favorite characters are Chuck (obviously. haven't you seen my username?) and Blair, who, coincidentially (*cough* or not *cough*) are also my favorite GG couple. I also like Nate because of his cluelessness - and who can resist Chace Crawford? - and Jenny, because I can relate to the feeling of wanting to be popular. I like all the characters of GossipGirl except for Vanessa, who I simply can't stand for no reason at all. I don't know; I used to think it was because I can so much of a Blair Bitch that I don't like the Brooklynites, but I love Jenny and Dan, so cross that off. Or possibly because I will PUKE at the thought of Vanessa and Chuck. No. Chuck is either with Blair, or me. And since me and Chuck will never happen (due to the fact that Ed Westwick would never give me a second glance and Charles Bass is a fictional character), he belongs to Blair Bear. If you think of me, imagine a bit of a cross between Blair and Chuck in girl form named Charlotte. :] I'm bitchy and scheming, but not quite as popular and a little bit badder than B. I'm also not really the fairytale, commitment, he's-my-destiny kind of person. No. It's just not me. :] I can be friendly (unless I just hate you. Then... not so much friendly. But don't worry - unless you give me a good reason, I'll play nice) and I love making new friends, so don't be afraid to talk.
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Round Table: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

ugh, i'm seriously hoping for some serenate sweetness. still, i gotta admit, i would ship serena/tripp just for their couple name---you really can't beat stripp! meanwhile, bring back the old chuck and blair, when they were scheming bitches! they can be like that even together.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 76

V: (*watching footage of herself*) Oh, God, does my hair always look like that?


ahhh. i can't wait for the chair makeup that is bound to happen soon. xDDD anyway, i looove jenny as queen. it's just totally hilarious to me, how last year she hated the whole thing, and now she's turning into a total blair. love that. xDD

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Nate and Blair

People, people, it's just a show! Calm down! This is what fanfiction is for. xDD

Personally, I love all the ships (Except those involving Vanessa. No offense, but she makes me shudder with disgust. xP) even though CB is my love. There are scenes where I think Nair are great, there are scenes where Dair is awesome. But we shouldn't hate on each other just because we like different couples. That's called stupidity.

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What's your cutting point?

I don't think I could ever quit watching GG, it's like my addiction. xDD Which is kind of pathetic. But Chuck and Blair, the first time I saw them on the show, it was like realizing that it doesn't have to be prince charming every time. So, I guess that if Chuck and Blair were ever to be broken up permanently, I wouldn't really watch it that much - I still would, but not as loyally as I do now. Like, I wouldn't save my Monday nights just for Gossip Girl, I'd catch the episode on the internet the next day.

But I do know that if they bring in Vanessa anywhere near Chuck or Blair, I will turn off Gossip Girl for good. I mean, I do appreciate a good Dan and Blair or some Serena, Nate, or Jenny SLs (if they're not utter crap), but Vanessa is just my stop. I can not stand her, even if it's ridiculous.

Lately, though - well, around Season 2 - the storylines were just horrible. I couldn't bear to watch the whole thing with that damn Elle girl, and the part about Jenny going rebellious was nice but the whole transformation, and how suddeny she doesn't care about the UES, it seemed to sudden. And I can put up with a lot of different GG storylines, whether they be centered on Nate or Chuck and Blair (although I do love CB). I even kind of liked the moments with Carter and Blair. But if they mess up the show with crap and stupid couples, I'm done.

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