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This is not gothic AT ALL. But I get it,you guys tried to make a reference to Blair's quote. But seriously,why people are still shocked about what Taylor is wearing (or not wearing)? This have been going on for a year now,or more...It's not even scandalous anymore,it's just silly,because clearly,it's just an act: teenage girl trying to be rebel wearing black clothes and heavy make up. How rebel is she,right?
Anyway...i'm just waiting for the day that she will walk on the red carpet with nothing more than bra and panties and everybody will freak out asking themselves where are her parents.

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I don't see how people getting shocked by this can be considered narrow minded as some here are saying...
We shouldn't feel comfortable watching girls that young being sexualized,we shouldn't admire something like that. Taylor may be in this industry for 10,15 years already,and then,she thinks it's enough to make her a mature woman,well,it's not. It doesn't matter if people treat you like a grown up.
This is not a woman feeling comfortable with her sexuality to the point of showing a little more skin in covers of magazines,this is a teenange girl trying to shock the world by taking her clothes of,showing us how grown up and rebel she is,wich,in fact,only make her look more and more immature.
So why people should admire this kind of behaviour? I get it,I don't think people should go bashing on her,but if it's something that bothers you,people are allowed to say it,cause really,in our society this is getting common,but that doesn't mean that everybody should agree with this. I,for one,could care less... Like I said,it something that have been done before so many times that doesn't shock me at all... Britney,Aguilera,many others already tried to left behind their little girls image this same way... And this made them being taken seriously? No,just make them look kinda pathetic,I might say. And that is what makes me a bit dissapointed with Taylor,cause that's what people will think of her,and she could be a little smarter,cause honestly,that just puts her and Miley in the same level. Sadly. Oh,and btw,if she thinks she's a real rocker because she is wearing black lingerie,too much make up,a cross around her neck and a poise that says: "Fuck you all,bitches!",then she seriously have to learn what rock really is,cause now I don't see much difference between her and Rihanna.

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That's really a funny thing...
You see,not a long time ago,Taylor said she wanted to be taken seriously,that she wasn't just like any teenanger,that her music is SRS and she's COMPLETELY different from the Disney-pop-princesses-turned-into-sluts crew.
And maybe she really is,because,even though Pretty Reckeless isn't THE BEST THING I've heard these past months,their music is ok,and Taylor has a nice voice,IMO. But everything about this picture screams: "desesperate for attention","one time a cute girl,now a trainwreck"... I'm not saying I agree with these judgements,but that's what this image says after all. When I look at it,I don't see Taylor Momsen,the Pretty Reckeless singer,showing she's more than Jenny Humphrey and how her music carrer is interesting...All I see is a girl trying to hard to show us how grown up she is,but she doesn't see how immature she looks like,all I see is someone trying too hard to shock us with the lack of clothing,but she doesn't realize that many others did exactly the same much earlier,so it's not shocking anymore,it's kind of stupid.
So if the reason of this is to be shocking,cause she's only 17,and everybody seem to go crazy about it,like they were her parents,then it's ridiculous...Girls with no clothes trying to hard to be bad asses? This is sooo not new,actually,it's kinda getting old,after hearing so much about how her music carrer is so important,I was expecting something more...creative? Come on girl,there are better ways to show us you're no longer a little girl anymore,let the sluttyness to Miley...

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Why is Blair dressing like (Spoilers)

I totally agree. she looks amazing here. she doesn't need to be mature like thirty years old all the time.she's so young, she can totally wear this outfit

After a whole season dressing like a old lady beside grandpa pimp Bass ,it's kinda refreshing to see her in a outfit properly for her age. The girl has 19/20 years old for God's sake.

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Seth & Summer = Dan & Blair ?

I'm convinced that if Dan had started out on the UES Blair would be all over him in an instant. If Dan had money, he'd be everything she needs.

But luckily Blair is growing up and realizing that social status means nothing if you're not happy. Take Chuck Bass as example. And to be honest,I put more faith in Dan's writer carreer than Chuck's business,I mean,what does he really knows besides boozing and sex? and of course,pimp his girlfriend to keep his hotel?

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Thank god, Blair's back.

See? Blair's awesome when not with Chuck/not mourning Chuck/not pining for Chuck.


Chuck Bass character ruins all the other characters he's around. I'm so glad Blair will be finally free of this asshole,Blair Waldorf is just too awesome to be his shadow.

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