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From what I've read Castle & Beckett will still be together quite a bit & we may actually get another bedroom scene in this episode. About time! I am actually looking forward to this episode but I want 3 things to happen: #1 Castle & Beckett have many scenes together cuz you're right; Caskett is the reason why this show is still on the air.
#2 The writers remember the early seasons when Castle was a competent investigator & not a bumbling idiot who only plays for laughs.
#3 Espo isn't as a complete jerk to Castle as he's been the last few seasons. That has completely gotten on my nerves!! Problem is Rob Hanning wrote this ep & he seems to think it's funny that Espo is a dick.

People's Choice Awards 2015: Who Won Big?

I am a huge Castle fan & very glad they won again! Having said that, the reason they win over NCIS is that I think Castle fans are generally younger (not me unfortunately!) & therefore spend a lot more time on-line so they are the ones that continuously vote. Fans of NCIS definitely have no reason to hang their heads though cuz they are still ratings gold & from what I hear are still going strong w/an incredible cast whom still seem to love what they're doing. After 12 seasons you really don't see that very often.

Castle Round Table: So Not Their Honeymoon

Yes but you're an idiot! Don't get me wrong I love Stana as well but if you're dumb enough to believe that this show could go on without BOTH of them then yeah you are an idiot! Nathan is a great actor by the way. Can bring both the comedy & the drama. Plz remember that the actors can only do so much with what is written for them. Just so happens that Stana is given much better material as all of season 6 will attest to. And like I said above she gets good writing & she delivers! Can't imagine anyone else playing Kate Beckett better. The reason I'm calling you an idiot by the way is well your idiotic statement about Nathan & the fact that all of you (my guess is 15-21 yr old immature girls) "Stanatics" are all so childish that you must always knock Nathan to lift up Stana. Boo, you are certainly not excluded from the idiot club here! 98% of the viewers watch this show for the chemistry of BOTH of them. Stana is not only absolutely beautiful but also totally "gets" the Beckett role.