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Sons of Anarchy Review: All In

Are you being sarcastic or you can't recognize it? The structure of the jail scene was to cash in/parody the rise in popularity of "Orange is the New Black" which is definitely not for kids.

Boardwalk Empire Review: Getting Ahead

It's been so long I've lost track...have to watch the past few episodes. :-/

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Supernatural Review: Dean, You Are The Father

They're definitely tapping into the young teenage girl crowd this season. This is the second one featured. As always, the moral quandaries are multi-layered, it this case, pregnancy! Does life begin at conception vs. birth, what are the repercussions (and rights) of fathers, yadda, yadda, yadda. Dean's one night fling leads to him staring down the barrel of his gun at his teenage daughter 3 days later. Because she wants to terminate him. Ouch. But her Uncle Sam (their pun, intended) winds up whacking her. Double Ouch. Does the Amy/Emma killings make Sam and Dean "even"? So-so. Sam had a much closer connection to Amy and didn't she have a kid herself? But at least it showed all monsters aren't created equal. wink

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