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I think the Blair/Dan relationship is highly unlikely. I am not saying it couldn't happen, but I honestly think it isn't going to happen, from knowing Blair's personality, as well as Dan's. If Blair has a relationship in the future at all, I have a feeling it might be Nate, or with Nate's cousin who is being introduced soon, even though that cousin supposedly has a wife...It didn't stop Nate with Katherine, so why should it stop Blair? LOL Um I hope that Blair and Chuck kind of half a break from their relationship. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the biggest Chair fans, but their playing cat and mouse is getting annoying. They both need a break from one another to collect their thoughts. As for the Georgrina plot, I don't really have any thoughts on that...yeahhh.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
Before Blair read the letter from Chuck's father when Chuck was naming all the things Bart might have said. "Your a disappointment of a son, I'd die of embarrassment if I wasn't already. Why do you wear so much purple?" LOL, love it. 2. Where do Chuck and Blair go from here?
Let us get one thing straight, Chuck and Blair are meant for each other, but even these things can't happen over night. Chuck tried to be that boyfriend once before and he couldn't do it. So when Blair is saying she is done, I think it really means she is, for now at least. I think the core couple that gets together has something to do with Blair...and Nate. 3. On a scale of 1-10, rate Nate and Vanessa's respective uselessness in this episode.
Vanessa - She was good. If it wasn't for her, Nelly wouldn't have only been put on probation until her first marriage! Way to text Dan at the exact wrong moment, V!
Nate - He could have been more believable if he wasn't acting like an idiot who hangs out with his girlfriend than going to his best friends brunch. Honestly? Nate was disappointing. 4. Most unbelievable: A teenager named CEO of a billion-dollar real estate conglomerate, Jenny's hair, or Nelly Yuki being stealthy enough to gank Dan's phone?
Jenny's hair. Was I the only one who thought it was that horrible? 5. So Andrew isn't dead after all. How will Rufus and Lily find this out?
Maybe Andrew will suspect something of his parents and figure out he is adopted or something...or Serena and Dan go about being snoopy teenagers.

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