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NCIS Review: A Daughter is a Precious Thing

I loved the opening flashback with Shannon basically telling Gibbs to get on with his life. I hope that helps move him along. I am also wondering if this is an episode unrelated to the plotline involving SecNav or if it somehow all fits together...

NCIS Review: Can Diane Be All Bad?

I love me my Fornell (with Gibbs). They are great together. Ican't wait to see how this plot point shakes out with Fornell and Gibbs investigating the big wigs. I wouldn't be surprised to see it lead to the current SecNav. Beyond that, I loved the last scene. It's always nice to get some closure in one's life and Gibbs finally got some of that with Diane. One of, if not the, best episodes of the season.

NCIS Round Table: "Thirst"

I concur with the others that this wasn't one of the best episodes, though I ALWAYS like any episode with a lot of David McCallum (Ducky). As I have said before, something just feels "off" about the writing this season, like Gibbs being squeamish about brains. He has NEVER turned down the invitation to take a closer look. Tony was a bit more Tony'ish the last two weeks, which is good. My basic advice would be for the new writers to focus on the main characters. Getting them right is crucial. That said, I AM looking forward to getting to meet the ex Mrs Gibbs/Fornell and to seeing Fornell once again. The dynamic between Gibbs and Fornell is priceless.