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I'm OBSESSED about Gossip Girl (As most people are that go to this site) and Blair and Chuck being together forever!!!!!! 



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Yeah she totally got a nose job

Chiar 4ever

Wait wait a sec.... Chace can SING!!!?????

Chiar 4ever

WOW I think Jessica gave away way to much info/spoilers for us... whatever I love it anyway. I have no problem with Vanessa and Blair going to the same college. They don't have to talk to each other or best friends or roommates but I think it could be good for them to maybe bond when some GG blast comes out. And maybe if Nate and Serena go to the same college they could get together to. I'm open to anything for next season. But I hope they make Chuck and BLair working out their differences and being together through out most of the season.